The World Needs Us!!

The World Needs Us
February 2017

For me, this is actually a very exciting time. Not everyone sees it that way. Many people are confused, scared and angry. I’m inviting you to look from a wider perspective and see what you notice.

  1. Take a risk and ask yourself: Why is what is happening a good thing? What do you see that is supportive and beneficial for humanity? Sit with this question with an open mind. Look again and again and again. Take off the blinders. “See” differently with an open mind and an open heart.

One amazing event that comes to my mind immediately is the “Women’s March”. Millions of people all over the world marched, not so much in protest as to give voice to issues they are concerned about and to join together (key word here) with others concerned about similar issues. Did you notice that despite the number of people on the streets no riots or violence was reported? That alone is amazing. It is possible!!! Voices can be heard without violence.

  1. Question any thought that arises from anger or that is intended to scare you or results in reactions that will not serve. Question any judgment you have about the “others.” Find that place inside of you that speaks clearly, directly, and honestly from Love and discover what Love really is. From that place you will know what to do. All the answers you need are available to you 24/7. Get quiet and start listening, really listen. And then dare to do as you are guided. Free to Be.

For me, I know that being aligned with the internal peace that is always available is all that is needed. I have renewed my commitment to Being Peace. From that space I will be guided as to what to do or not do. Simple! Just doing what I know to do in each moment, always guided without resistance.

Please join me. The world needs us.

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