“When I’m in a session with Maggie, I feel as though there are three people in the conversation, Maggie, myself and my true inner voice. Maggie has a way of guiding me towards my true-self through casual conversation. We begin as if we are friends catching-up over coffee and with ease I am led to find out what inner worries, battles etc are going on inside of me that I need to let loose. As I look inside myself, my own true answers come out through a process that feels like I am opening a treasure chest that has been hidden for too long. As my session comes to a close, I feel that I have reoriented myself with who I really am”  Jen

The “seeking path” that goes nowhere is not for those who are interested in avoiding discomfort, making the world conform to their desires, or attached to the fantasy that some day they will live happily ever after.  It is not a “self-improvement” path but rather a “self-destructive” path and the end of all hope.

This is for those who are:

  • Tired of seeking and open to finding what is really True
  • Ready to invite all of Life in rather than excluding the parts you don’t like
  • More interested in realizing Truth than “feeling good”
  • Ready to come out of hiding and see what you have been afraid to see
  • Open to the Beloved no matter what it might cost you

In partnership, we engage in what I call dialogues or a “conversations that matter.“  These conversations are unique in that the intention is to support you in seeing the dream for what it is.  The dialogues provide space for the “egoic me” to come out of hiding and allow thoughts, fears and questions to be fully heard so that what is really True is revealed. This requires slowing down in ways that may be uncomfortable.

Your job is to tune into the longing.  Speak what arises without censoring.  Come out of hiding and share what you don’t want to share.  Answer the questions from the deepest part of you.  

I will be uncompromising, share my experiences, ask questions, provide feedback, point out any traps I notice you falling into, as well as point out the nature of thought so that you can see it for what it is: nothing pretending to be something  (the Wizard of Oz pretending to be something that isn’t).

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions occur on the phone, or Skype.

What I most wanted as I walked the “seeking path” was someone who had walked a similar path, someone who would hold my hand and walk with me and guide me when things felt dark, when fear and confusion took over and I felt most vulnerable.  I wanted someone who had a clue about what I was experiencing and who knew that I could find my way; someone who would provide the kind of support that would make it easier to keep going when I wanted to quit or even die.

My desire is to provide that kind of support for you as you get in touch with what you already Know at the deepest level and see the dream for what it is, a dream.

Small Group and Individual Intensives

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Small-Group Intensive
These in-person small group intensives provide an opportunity to have an in-depth experience.  Experience the effects of immersing yourself in community with others who, like you, have a longing to “wake up.”

Individual Intensive
These in-person individual intensives are for those interested in “diving in” deeply to unravel long held stories and open to what you really Know. We typically meet 4 hours a day for 3 days.


12 Session/12 hour Package: $1500
Commit to meeting consistently and experience the effects of immersing yourself in the dialogue process. The 12-session package is designed to support those who really want to realize Truth for themselves.

12-hour Individual Intensive: $1500

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