Life is Unfolding

Life is Unfolding Just As it Should

“Life is unfolding just as it should.”  About 30 years ago a dear friend shared that quote with me. It evidently came from a sage whose name I don’t remember.  At the time I thought it was interesting but didn’t really “get it.”  It remained with me like a Koan and surfaced

from time to time.  Recently I experienced the profound and simple truth of that statement.  Life is unfolding just as it should – nothing more than that!  Easy!  Easy, that is, until I want what is unfolding to be different than it is.

How is Life unfolding in your world?  And, more importantly, do you love it yet?  Do you love the reality of Life, just as it is?  Are you in love with the magic of Life in all its diversity, uniqueness, and ever-changing chaotic movements that are totally unpredictable?  Do you love it, when it doesn’t go your way, when things fall apart or when someone treats you in ways you don’t like?  Do you love how Life is unfolding in each minute just as it is and should be?

There is nothing wrong with not loving it. Just notice where your allegiance is. Are you aligned with Life/God/Reality or “thought?”  For years I made “thought” the CEO of my life.  I believed what it said without question.  As a result I experienced Life as difficult, confusing and complicated.  It takes courage to switch allegiance.  It takes courage to break away from the stories that everyone around us believes.  Over the years I’ve noticed my allegiance switching and Life is more likely to be the CEO of my life rather than “thought.” More and more I experience the ease of Life living me, the reality of Life without effort, without anything to do except Be Lived.  I’ve also noticed that Life continuously presents me with opportunities so I can notice where my allegiance is.

Who is the CEO of your life? Start noticing if your allegiance is with “thought” or Life.



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