It IS a Friendly Universe

It IS a Friendly Universe

Recently Life gifted me with a series of circumstances that has taken me on a most amazing internal journey. As I look back I can see where it actually began several months ago.  Some of the more exciting moments occurred during the past few months.

As an observer of my experience I have been struck by how quickly I moved from moments of fear to realizing a sense of freedom and clarity that I have not previously experienced.  All The Work I have done over the past eleven years seems to have provided a foundation. Inquiry works!

As I observed the events unfold I came to call it “Divine Intervention.” It was a happening and there was nothing I could do about it except to play my part.  In this moment I can honestly say I am very grateful.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It has been an opportunity to dive into what appeared to be the dark tar pit of core beliefs that have been ruling my world such as “What others say and believe about me is true.”  Having unraveled the upper layers it was an opportunity to get into the muck of the tar and see what was left.  It has been both challenging and easy all at the same time.

I was stunned by how quickly I went from thoughts such as: “My whole livelihood has been stripped away,” “I’ve been kicked out.” to “Oh goodie, I can sit on my front porch and drink tea, take more hikes and see where Life will take me next.” This was followed by a very solid realization that “It is none of my business what I do or not do next. I know I will be supported.”  I just don’t know what that will look like.”

The next stream of thoughts, “No more workshops.” “No more clients.”  “She hates me.” “I’ve done something horrible,” “My friends will all leave me,” “How will I make a living?” quickly moved to seeing how Reality immediately proved me wrong and a curiosity for how it will unfold.

Some have asked what I have learned and they want to know how I am. “Curious” is the word that most frequently surfaces. Some realizations I remember, most I do not – it’s not necessary.  I either live it or Life will give me the opportunity to realize it at a deeper level. Below is a list of some of what I do remember. While not new they are experienced at a much deeper level and I am confident that even deeper realizations are awaiting.

  • The Work works  – I love how that continues to become more and more solid in me.
  • This was absolutely for me and I am honestly grateful.
  • Taking responsibility for my part is essential and what I thought would be dark and ugly turns out to be enlightening, easy and kind. And I’m still diving in to see what is left because I know that 100% responsibility = 0% guilt and 0% blame.
  • It really is a friendly universe.
  • I want to know the Truth. I experience it as almost a demand – what is the Truth?
  • I am not free to stay if I’m not free to leave. Prior to this experience I was not free to leave.
  • “The Work knows where it wants to go,” (BK) and my business is to simply follow.
  • What others imagined I was experiencing has not been even close to my actual experience.
  • My experience has benefited so many others and for that I want to kiss every one of you for using this experience to do your own Work and realize what is true for you.
  • The most lovely reaction for me was my daughter’s response: “This should have happened a long time ago Mom. It’s time for you to ‘write’ your own book.”  And she doesn’t do The Work ~ she just happens to be enlightened in ways that I am slowly catching up to.

The image of a Tibetan sand painting comes to mind and what I imagine one might experience after completing a sand painting with much love and attention and then wiping it all away in one swift fearless movement. What shape will the new design take?

I see this as a shared journey. For all who have supported me in this time, in your thoughts, via a sent message, with facilitation, or just listening so I could hear my mind speak, I am grateful beyond what any words might convey.  The person I was yesterday is not who I am in this moment and not who I will be tomorrow ~ nor are you.  I continue to dive in to see what other gifts this experience has for me. It is too precious to waste. I am doing my Work and Inquiry is doing me.

I am  grateful also to those who have judged me, separated themselves from me and thought me “guilty.”   I have benefited from it all.  It is all for me.

Songs often speak my experience in ways I am unable to and I was recently reminded of Kirtana’s song “Open Secret” which rang so true in describing my current experience. Listen to it and see what rings true for you.


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