Free to Be Me ~ The Unique and Individual Expression of Life

Free to Be Me ~ The Unique and Individual Expression of Life

Free to be Me
Free to Be!

Many years ago I bought a poster showing a young woman running through a meadow, pony tail flying with the words “Free to be me!” written across the bottom. I had no idea what it was like to be ‘free to be me’ and I wanted to know.

A few years later during a yearlong journey of travel I stood on a hillside in Germany with my arms wide open thinking I should feel “free to be me” since I had left all responsibilities behind for a whole year.  But I didn’t feel free and I didn’t understand why.

I used to believe that if other people in my life would just accept me and not criticize me then I could be “free to be me.”  In talking with others I discovered that most of us think “free to be me” is about being free to show up “free” in the story of who I think I am, the one driven by desires and the need to feel safe and secure in the world.  I had hoped that once I felt safe I would feel “free to be me.”  I had it all backwards!

Having lived in Inquiry for many years I now have a greater sense of what it is to be “free to be me,” really Free.  Recently I’ve experienced this freedom in powerful ways as it just explodes.  Words don’t do the experience justice yet the following may provide a sense.

“Free to be me” is being free to show up fully as the unique and individual expression of Life that I Am.  Once the ego is no longer running the show then the true expression of Life moving through this body is just plain “free to be.”  Nothing can stop it.

“Free to be me” is being free to:

Be a servant of Life and live life on Life’s terms, no matter the cost.

Not be concerned about what I’m going to say or do, it’s all being done without any help from me.

Fully feel and experience every emotion, feeling and physical sensation that comes through this body without trying to get rid of it ~ needy, fearful, sad, angry, uncomfortable, etc.

Be totally hopeless and helpless

Speak what is honest for me in the moment from a clear, direct and loving space rather than being “nice,” no matter how the other person experiences it

Love again and again and again even if I’m broken into a thousand pieces

Live in Integrity with an honest “yes” or “no” even if I lose everything

Realize that I really, really don’t know anything!

Take full “responsibility” without any sense of guilt, shame or blame

Really hear you and connect with you rather than caring about what you think about me

Want without any expectations of ever getting anything

Free to leave

Free to stay

Free to be Me
Free to Be!

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