Do You Really Want to Know the Truth? 12-week Telesession

The Tele-Session Series is an opportunity to experience the true nature of Inquiry and The Work. To learn more about the nature of thought and the tricks it has for keeping you and clients from realizing Truth. We meet in an intimate setting with a small group of 4 participants via phone or Skype.

5-Day Intensive ~ Switzerland ~ May 5 – 9, 2018

Join me for this Small-Group Intensive and experience Truth for yourself through the simple yet profound process of diving in to realize what you already Know. Group is limited to 8 participants.

Individual Intensive

Join me for an in-person Individual Intensive.  Your heart just might open to the magic that is available beyond anything mind has to offer. “Inquiry should take you to the boundary, the frontier of what you know and then you stop and let something other than yourself answer. You open yourself to the magic and you give… (Read More)

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