Individual Intensive

Join me for an in-person Individual Intensive.  Your heart just might open to the magic that is available beyond anything mind has to offer.

“Inquiry should take you to the boundary, the frontier of what you know and then you stop and let something
other than yourself answer. You open yourself to the magic and you give it space to answer.”
~ Adyashanti

This Individual Intensive is for you if you are:

  • Ready to experience Life beyond the prison cell of your mind, beyond feeling good and what you think will keep you safe
  • Ready to turn your life over to Life and stop trying to dictate to God
  • Ready to find out that what you think you want is not what you really want or what is wanted for you
  • Willing to come out of hiding and look in all the nooks, crannies and corners to see what you have been blind to and afraid to see
  • Willing to follow your internal guidance system (GPS) and say “yes” to Life no matter what it might cost you
  • Willing to embrace all that Life offers

During our time together we will “dive in” to unravel the stories mind is holding on to. I will share what I have learned about the traps mind uses to keep us from fully realizing Truth.  We will also laugh and have fun along the way as you realize you are not who or what you think you are.

If you are ready to take a transformational journey into Truth then this Individual Intensive is for You!

4 hours a day for  3 consecutive days
Contact me at to schedule your personal Individual Intensive.

Registration Fee

Transportation, Lodging and Meals
You are responsible for your own lodging, meals and transportation.

Greenville, SC international airport and Asheville, NC airports are the closest airports.
Information on lodging is available upon registration.

Venue for Meetings
Our meetings will take place in my home in Hendersonville, NC.

Contact me at to schedule your Individual Intensive.

“Sitting in Maggie’s presence feels like being wrapped in a cocoon of love…sometimes it’s gentle, patient other times ruthless, bold and it’s always what is needed in that moment.  The questions asked through her, the insights shared, the “hard” truths she freely speaks supported me in unpacking and unraveling the sacred beliefs and patterns of thought that block my awareness of the Truth.  As Maggie invited me again and again to sit in discomfort I noticed an ungluing of the editing, acquiescing and rebelling of mind that has imprisoned me and something other than mind began answering the questions.  I experienced a pulsating, unedited, sense of aliveness and a reconnection to my internal guidance system, an opening to all that life has to offer and the Knowing that it’s all okay, that I’m okay.”   Beth

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