Do You Really Want to Know the Truth?

Do You Really Want to Know the Truth?

I’ve asked myself this question many times over the past several years. I sit it in the question without expecting an answer. It is a question that really has only one honest answer: “I don’t know! Let me go find out.”

Many people will answer with “Yes!” or “Of course I do!” Only “thought” would try to answer that question. “Thought” or “I know mind” is unreliable and is not interested in realizing truth so don’t trust it.

The desire to believe the lie is very strong like the magnetic pull of a strong magnet. It needs to keep your current “drug of choice” in place in order to exist.

  • Staying with what is familiar
  • Preferring safety and security
  • Avoidance of any feeling that is uncomfortable
  • Believing “I know”

What is your “drug of choice?” You can find out by making a list of the thoughts that arise in answer to this question. “What is the worst that could happen if I actually Realized Truth?” That list will show you the beliefs that get in your way of realizing what is really true.  Those thoughts, believed in, are running your life and keeping you blind to truth.

If you are really interested in realizing truth, then you’ll need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. One of my favorite sayings is: “The Truth will set you free …… but first it will make you miserable.”

Truth will wipe you clean of everything you thought you knew and leave you empty, helpless, hopeless, not knowing, in unfamiliar territory, uncomfortable and ultimately free.

The desire to know the truth exists inside each of us. It just seems to appear stronger in some people. The desire to know the Truth must be stronger than the desire to stay in the fantasy. Tap into that desire for truth and allow it to blossom no matter what it might cost you.

Question everything and everyone. Question everything you read here. Don’t believe me. Take responsibility and ask you. And please don’t be spiritual. Try following these simple steps.

  • Slow way, way, way down
  • Get very, very, very quiet
  • Ask a simple, open and possibly unanswerable question. Examples: Is this thought true? Am I sure about this? What am I really? What is the truth here, really? What do I know that I am pretending not to know?
  • Get curious (this means that you authentically don’t know what the answer is)
  • Listen for the quiet voice that has always been available.
  • Dare to hear truth as it arises and die (this means see it, feel it and experience it at the cellular level.
  • Sink into the answer, be still without budging and let it take you over.

Leave everything you know behind and experience the magical mystery tour of Life.



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