Buzz of Gratitude

The Buzz of Gratitude

I have an adorable 13 year-old granddaughter who rarely says “thank you” for gifts or for all the amazing things that are done for her and come her way. Over the years I’ve puzzled over how to support her in understanding the value of “thank you” without putting her in a “I have to say ‘thank you’ mode.

On a recent visit she and I had a fun conversation about the “thank you” thing. She was headed off to camp and said she liked receiving gifts when she was at camp.  I put together some small things to send her while she is at camp. Then on a walk the “buzz of gratitude” came my way. Below is the letter I included with her gift.

~ ~ ~

A “thank you” needs to be shared when you can honestly feel grateful and thankful for what comes your way. Forcing your self to say “thank you” isn’t honest and it won’t feel good for you or to the person you are thanking. The fun part is that saying an honest “thank you” can make you feel good.

Being honestly and truly grateful and thankful just makes you feel good. It is when you feel the sensations inside your body that are warm and fuzzy and it just fills you up with good feelings. I call it the “buzz of gratitude.” Saying “thank you” to someone and feeling that “buzz of gratitude” is for you – not the other person. I say “thank you” because it makes me feel good. Being grateful gives me that warm “buzz.”

So — the reason I invite you to say “thank you” when you receive something or something is done for you is so that you get to experience that “buzz of gratitude.”

The tricky part is that the “thank you” has to be honest and authentic for you. If you say “thank you” and it’s not honest for you that buzz won’t be there. And you can’t fake authenticity. It’s there or it isn’t.

See how often you can find an honest and authentic “thank you” for whatever comes your way. Get high on gratitude!

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